I remember when my mother finally gave her consent that I could buy and drive my own motorcycle.  I was so excited.  I had to stop myself from being impulsive so I decided to do a research about the brands and types of motorcycles and their prices. I had to make a wise decision and an informed choice to show my mother that I am responsible for actions. 

I found out that there were many brands available in the market.  Each brand carries different types of motorcycles and each type would fit a specific purpose for riding a motorcycle.  I found out more about the motorcycle industry and how they served all markets by offering affordable motorcycles such as Kawasaki Z125 to the very expensive Harley-Davidson Road Glide.  I also found out about motorcycle insurance, riders associations, and safety essentials and accessories that I needed to buy. I realized that I had to be practical.  There are so many choices and it is easy to be tempted to buy my dream motorcycle, the Ducati SuperSport.  But doing research made me realize that I can choose to buy a less expensive motorcycle and get more value out of my money.  I got to compare the specifications of each motorcycle and I chose the best option for me based on my preferences and budget.  I chose the Honda CRF 1000.  It is way cheaper than Ducati but I am contented with its performance. 

I consulted different resources prior to purchasing. This was very important. I interviewed friends and relatives who owned a motorcycle.  I also checked the websites of the motorcycle companies to know more about the specifications.  I also consulted review sites and magazine articles. All of the information that I gathered helped me make an informed choice in buying my motorcycle.  Overall, it was a good learning opportunity for me.  It made me realize the value of doing research and learning more about a specific topic before making an important decision.  In the end, I felt that I made a good choice not just based on what I wanted but based on the time and effort that I made to know more about the product.